The StarField Optics – Gear 60 Quad

The Starfield 60mm quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO will take your wide field imaging game to new levels.   

The Petzval design means that finding the perfect spacing is a thing of the past.  Just focus your camera and take your images.  The working distance is 41-61mm from the 48mm thread, and a 44mm image circle will illuminate a standard 36x24mm sensor.

The 2.5″ Rack and Pinion focuser boasts an exceptional standard of performance. The drawtube is securely supported by ball bearings, ensuring a smooth and stable operation. Providing exceptional accuracy and allows for the use of heavy cameras and accessories.

The focuser also offers a variety of convenient and useful features, including:

  • A camera angle  adjuster or Rotator with allows for 360° rotation
  • A precise tilter mechanism, which allows for adjustment to match the telescope to the camera for optimal performance.
  • A 1:10 gear reduction for precise focusing
  • The capability to connect a motor focus.
  • An integrated filter holder for 2″ filters which is placed in front of the camera.

 Integrated handle for accessories and a long dovetail plate round out the package.

Multicoated optics are standard and each Gėar series telescope comes with a soft case with die cut foam.  The case has been designed to accommodate the optional focusing motor, or a Pegasus Astro or ZWO focusing motor, and a spot for your imaging camera.

The Optional focusing motor can easily be disengaged to allow for manual focusing with a simple twist.

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