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Astronomy Picture of the Day- NASA

What’s in the Sky this Week?

Clear Sky Charts

AstronomyĀ  Technology Today Magazine

AstroBackyard – Astrophotography

BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Canadian Space Agency

Astronomers Without Borders

International Dark Sky Association

RASC – Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

SkyNews – Canada’s Magazine of Astronomy & Stargazing

StarFest – Canada’s Largest Star Party




All About Birds – Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Bird Studies Canada

BirdLife InternationalĀ 

Birding in British ColumbiaĀ 


BirdWatcher’s Digest MagazineĀ 

eBird by Cornell Lab

IBA Canada

National Audubon Society

Merlin Bird ID -Cornell Lab App, FREE download on Google Play or The App store

Nova Scotia Bird Society

Ontario Field Ornithologists

Point Pelee National Park Festival of Birds

Quebec Oiseaux MagazineĀ 

Worldwide Quest Nature Tours

Kowa Sporting OpticsĀ  – Crystal Clear.


Luna Optics Night Vision – Quality You Can See, Even in the Dark


Starfield Optics – Accessories for Astrophotography


SkyShed Observatories – The Coolest Domes on the Planet


The Starships Project – Funding Astronomy & Science Outreach

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